Tips for Flights with Kids

 flights with kids

Travelling with kids is never an easy task! Do you start sweating just thinking about a long international flight? These tips will help you have fun with your kids during your flight

Less is More
Most people have the tendency to over pack, especially when traveling with kids: All kind of toys, shoes, clothes, more clothes… Keep it simple! Most airlines have nowadays more than enough ways to keep them interested, be it some drawing kits for the small ones or the newest movies or video games (on longer flights) for the older ones. Take only few toys with you, as they will have plenty other fascinating things to discover on a journey! In a word: Put in what you think they’ll use and then take half of it out!

Trolley bags
More and more people opt to bring a small carry on luggage onboard. If you have an overnight layover having at least one of these will make the experience of travelling with kids much easier. The key is to choose a light way, interesting design with wheels and not to pack them too full because your kids will most probably want to pull it around the airport. Also check the carry on luggage size allowed by the airline you are flying with beforehand.

Comfort Items and extra Clothes
A loved toy and a good choice of games can go a long way. They also are vital when you’re stuck in the airport for a longish layover. Pack some comfort toys and items at your kids carry on. They weigh almost nothing and always come in handy. If you’ve got space a neck pillow is also ideal for long flights.
Always keep an extra change of clothes in each of the kid’s backpacks. The older they get, the bigger their clothes get, but it is still worth it in order to enjoy a stress-free journey!

Snacks and Meals
Kids are hungry nearly all the time. It is advisable to prepare some snacks from home you are sure they like and put them somewhere you have easy access to. Also take into consideration that airplane food is not exactly yummy for most kids.

One more bonus tip – carry a small portable medicine and first aid kit. It can spare you a lot of trouble while traveling.

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