Tips for Choosing the Right School Bag

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Choosing the right schoolbag can actually make a huge difference in terms of right posture and convenience. There are various types of schoolbags that are more efficient to use than the other depending on the occasion.

Types of school bags to choose from

Messenger Bag

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A messenger bag, also known as a courier bag is basically a large satchel worn over just one shoulder. This bag is often used by people on-the-go such as students and cyclists because it’s easy to just sling over the shoulder and provides easy access to the contents. Messenger bags are best used if you’re carrying light to medium weight as poor distribution of weight can lead to discomfort.


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The backpack is perhaps the most common type of bag in the world. It has gone into various developments to suite people’s needs over time. Its style has been revolutionized over and over to fit the trend in fashion. Its function has also been changed to accommodate all kinds of electronic gadgets such as tablets and laptops. You can use a backpack almost anytime and anywhere, especially when you’re carrying a lot of items.

Laptop Bag

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Students are often accompanied by their laptops for various reasons, from efficient note taking to working on school projects. A laptop bag is undoubtedly the best bag for students who always carry their laptop with because it is well-cushioned and secures the gadget nicely. It is best to use a laptop bag if you don’t need to bring much else as they are usually not made to accommodate other bulky items.

Carry only the essentials

Ensure that your child only carries the textbooks that are essential for that day. Don't carry, more books than the essentials nor full water bottles if there is a drinking water tap in school. Try to reduce lugging around any unnecessary items.

Pack the bag correctly

This may surprise you but how a bag is packed will make a big difference to the strain it places on the back muscles. Pack the heaviest items closest to your child's back and the lightest furthest away.

The 10% Rule

The weight of the school bag (including books, water bottles etc) should not exceed 10-15% of your child's weight.


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