Ladies Bags: the different types

types of women bags

Bags: Large tote bags, small clutches, bowling bags, cross body bags, backpacks… There is a perfect bag for everyone! But, how to choose the ideal one according to your needs?

Here are some useful details of the different types as well as ways to hold your bags:

Shopper or Tote bag

These are very similar but may be differentiated by how to wear them and their type of closure. Both are large, wide and flexible because they are made to carry your shopping, your files and even sometimes your clothes. Leather bags, canvas or straw, there is a perfect one for all situations!

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The shopper is perfect for the city and carrying of your everyday items, having a zipped closure or with stud, and is mainly attached on the shoulder unlike the tote bag which usually does not have a closure and which is held by hand.

Bowling handbag
The bowling bag is usually worn by hand although often went with a removable shoulder strap to wear it crossed. It is a trendy and comfortable bag with rounded shapes. This bag will allow you to easily carry all the small stuff of your daily life.

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Top handle Bag
A handbag with two handles to hold by hand or on the elbow and generally come with a removable shoulder strap. An ultra chic and feminine bag for women who love elegance above everything else.

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A rectangular handbag with a single handle on the top and flap closure with two straps. A perfect bag for work, office or school. It also has a removable shoulder strap for a crossed type of wear.

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Bucket bag
Highly trendy and feminine, this bag with a shoulder wear of type usually has a type of closure by drawstring or stud.

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Messenger bag
A shoulder bag to be worn across or long under the shoulder. This bag is generally flexible, and can adapt all styles.

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A bag worn on the back thanks to its two suspenders, it sometimes has a handle on the top to carry it by hand. It can carry everything that you will need on a daily basis, at work, at School or even on short trip.

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Perfect for big occasions as weddings and receptions. It has a small capacity storage for bringing with you the minimum with elegance.

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