Tips for Buying Your Ideal Wallet

idaniko portofoli

A wallet is a personal thing. Not only does it literally hold your identity but it speaks volumes about who you are as person—organized, messy, prepared? So when it's time to replace a billfold, it's important to know what to look for. Though wallets are supposed to be highly practical, they shouldn’t be boring all the same! Below is a brief guide to the steps you should follow before investing in a new wallet.

Choose the right size for your wallet

You should avoid having an over-sized wallet, as a fat wallet will ruin your look. Don’t think that you need to buy a big wallet because you have a lot to carry with you.

If someone has a giant attic, chances are they're going to fill it full of junk. Same goes for simple things, like a wallet. Before you go on to buy a new wallet, clean out your wallet and place all of the items from your wallet on a table. Throw away things that you would never need any more such as the old bills or the expired gift cards. Remember to check your wallet on a frequent basis to get rid of all of the old stuff that you don’t need anymore.

Now when you know how much you will carry, it is the time for you to choose the right size for your wallet. Depending on your intended use, you will probably need a specific-sized wallet. The larger wallets are ideal for holding items such as the passport or checkbook. If folding your money has always been a bother, you’ve probably gone for wallets which are a size too small. For ladies who plan to carry their wallets in secondary carriages such as purses and handbags, the size only has to conform to the storage intended for use. If you tend to carry a lot of credit cards, go for a trifold wallet with a lot of credit card slots. On the other hand, if you only carry a few cards and not so many notes, you can choose a bifold wallet. And in case you only carry cash, go for a money clip holder.

Consider the compartments you need on your wallet

Colors, designs, and sizes are a few things that you need to consider to make sure your wallet will look as good as possible. On the other hand, the compartment design of your wallet is the factor that you need to think about if you care about the functionality of your wallet.

  • If you carry with you many important cards, only a wallet with many card slots will make sense to you. If you were to push many cards in one slot, it will eventually ruin your wallet irreversibly. With the careful arrangement of the slots, our wallets have mastered the art of fitting many slots in a tiny space. Wouldn’t you love the convenience of always knowing where your important cards are? There is no better way than by going for a wallet with as many card slots as you flexibly require. With the right wallet, you can forget about digging through the wallet every time you need to transact.
  • If you tend to carry a lot of stuff including your credit cards, the bills, and the banknotes, you should look for a wallet with a lot of different slots. Not only putting stuff into different compartments helps you to become more organized, it also helps to protect your credit cards from being damaged on the credit card strips.
  • There are some other wallets which contain slots for SIM cards and memory cards. Consider these wallets with these features if you tend to carry these things.
  • Last but not least, some wallets have the transparent pockets for your IDs and your driver license. It is a nice feature, helping you to save a lot of time from taking your cards out when you are asked to show your IDs.

Consider your wallet as a long term investment

Your wallet is indeed an investment that you should consider spending a decent amount of time and effort on it, as it is an accessory to show off your fashion sense and your social status. Even with the use of the highest quality material and impeccable design, poor workmanship will ruin the entire look. Astute craftsmanship requires paying attention to the smallest details as they end up making the biggest lasting impacts. Always keep in mind that the perfect wallet is not only about looking but also feeling good.

Choose the right color for your wallet

Choosing the right wallet should go beyond simply deciding which looks the coolest. Consider your daily life; if you wear jeans most days, then go for a light leather and let it soak up some denim coloring and sweat in the pursuit of a well-earned patina. If you wear suits, try a traditional dark finish for a more sophisticated style

Hence, you need to think about the occasions at which you bring your wallet to. Your job profile also determines what color you should choose for your wallet. For example, if you often carry your wallet to work and you are working in a bank, it is better if you opt for the dark colors like black or white. If you work for a creative agent, you can choose much more colorful patterns.


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