Warranty for business bags


All BARTUGGI new briefcase comes with a warranty that covers manufacturing defects, subject to the terms and conditions as below.

BARTUGGI warranty does not cover the following:

• accidents such as falls, blows or damage during transport
• wear and tear due to rubbing;
• exposure to extreme temperatures, solvents, water or any other liquid;
• theft;
• misuse or modification of the product;
• normal wear and tear;
• damage resulting from a use not adapted to the product such as transporting inappropriate objects

The warranty allows you to have your product repaired or replaced subject to the terms and conditions set forth below, but it does not open up a right to damages. Incidental and indirect damages as well as labor costs and damages attributable to third parties other than an approved BARTUGGI repair centre are not covered by the warranty.


Before taking any actions, you must first contact the shop where you bought your briefcase, in order to inform you of the procedure to be followed.

The warranty applies only on presentation of both the warranty certificate and the bill of sale (the date of sale and the product reference must be stated). If these two documents are not provided, BARTUGGI reserves the right to refuse to apply the warranty.

Inappropriate or poorly executed repairs carried out by other than the official BARTUGGI repair centre, prior to intervention by BARTUGGI cancels this warranty.

BARTUGGI service center will examine the product and if, after verification, BARTUGGI concludes that your claim is covered by the warranty, BARTUGGI shall decide either to repair the defective product or to replace it by an identical article or by an equivalent similar article.

BARTUGGI seeks to provide a rapid and satisfactory solution within the scope of this warranty, but in no way can it be held responsible for cases of force majeure as defined by the law and legal precedent that might prevent implementation of the warranty.


If you wish to have your BARTUGGI bag, which is no longer under warranty repaired, please contact our official BARTUGGI repair centre which will offer to repair your product subject to suitable conditions and costs.


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