Care tips - mens bags

Most men are already used to caring for their shoes and know what they need to consider when cleaning the various materials. This in advance: Don’t worry, with respect to cleaning, bags are significantly less care intensive than men's shoes.

Cleaning leather bags

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In the case of leather, the topic of care plays an important role in addition to cleaning. As with cotton bags, cleaning is relatively easy, with the only exception that you should not put a leather bag into the washing machine. In case of stains, you can simply go over the dirty area with a clean moist cloth until the area is slightly dampened.

After 2-5 minutes of contact, you can go over the place with a damp cloth until the residue of the cleaning agent is gone. Then simply dab the damp area with a dry cloth. All you have to do now is wait about 30 minutes until the leather bag has dried and you can assess the result.

If you don’t have a leather cleaner, just take a few drops of mild soap in your hand and mix them with perfume-free dishwashing detergent and a little water. So that your freshly cleaned leather bag does not dry out now, you should best use a leather moisturizer. Work the care cream with a dry cloth in circular movements into the material.


Cleaning canvas/cotton bags

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If you own a cotton bag, you may have noticed that it is very sensitive to dirt and dust is immediately visible on the fabric. However, cleaning can be performed very quickly without a lot of effort. For stains, you can just pick up a sponge with lukewarm water and mild soap and gently go over the affected area.

However, if you only want to eliminate the dust that tends to settle on the surface of cotton bags, then we recommend a good old lint roller. This will give you wonderful results and your bag will look almost like new.


Cleaning nylon bags

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A nylon bag is a blessing when it comes to cleaning, because they are generally very resistant to dirt. Incidentally, with the synthetic nylon fabric, you don’t have to be afraid of moth attacks, because organic materials are the only food on the menu of small insects. However, if you ever find a stain on your nylon bag, you can easily clean it by hand-washing it in lukewarm water. A mild cleaning agent can serve wonderfully as an aid. After cleaning, you can simply let the bag dry in the air.


Cleaning bags made of Synthetic Leather

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Synthetic Leather behaves similarly to nylon overall. One difference is that synthetic leather breaths more and is water-repellent. In this case, you can easily clean stains on your synthetic leather bag with a damp cloth and shampoo.


Cleaning bags made of Suede

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Suede and water never mix, even if prepped with a suede-protection spray. If your suede bag gets wet, leave to dry in room temperature. Never apply direct heat or leave in the sun as this can discolour or mishape bags during the drying off period.

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